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The Beatles – Cathode Ray Collection Vol 06 DVD

Oferta! The Beatles – Cathode Ray Collection Vol 06 DVD

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Cathode Ray Tube Collection Vol. 6 DVD

DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Professional Shot (Multi Camera)
Video Quality: Rating: 8.0
Menus: Yes
Chapter Selection: Yes
Full Screen: Yes
Approximate Running Time: 99 Min.

This 8 Part Set Is Intended To Compliment Unsurpassed Promos, Gathering Together The Remaining Unreleased Tv Appearances.

‘Mersey Beaucoup! Ha-Ha…’
1. Nme Pollwinner’s Concert 1965 – 20:41
Rec: Empire Pool, Wembley, 11 April 1965.

2. Live In Paris (Reconstruction) – 29:59
Rec: Palais Des Sports, Paris, 20 June 1965.

3. Blackpool Night Out – 18:19
Txd Live: Abc Theatre, Blackpool, 1 August 1965.

Bonus Tracks:
4. I Feel Fine (Paris Outtake) – 2:23
Rec: Palais Des Sports, Paris, 20 June 1965, Not Transmitted.

5. Tonight – 4:40
Txd Live: Bbc’s Lime Grove Studios, London, 18 June 1965.

6. Ticket To Ride (Surviving Excerpt) – 00:24
Rec: Studio 2, Riverside Studios, London, 10 April 1965.

It’s now early 1965 and we approach the giddy heights of Beatlemania. The lads spent the early part of the year filming Help! and only returned to the tv circuit on March 28th to record Thank Your Lucky Stars. Sadly this key programme – which included mimed performances of Eight Days A Week and Yes It Is – no longer exists, as does most of their Top Of The Pops appearance two weeks later. However a brief fragment of Ticket To Ride from the latter is included as a bonus track on this volume, rescued from a Dr Who episode.

Their first live performance for 1965 took place at the NME Pollwinners Concert at Wembley Stadium on April 11th, which was videotaped by ABC. Only three songs were broadcast but happily the complete unedited performance survives and is presented here along with the award presentation. The audio here is sans the reverb which has been plastered over most appearances of this material, and the video has been enhanced.

This one-off live performance was followed by more filming and recording for Help, so the group did not actually start touring again until June. Their joy at performing before an audience once more is perfectly captured on the videotape of their evening Paris concert, which kicked off the European tour. This copy, while not perfect, is still by far the best version that has appeared thus far. The cameras utilised wide angle lenses which made the lads look somewhat short and squat, therefore the aspect has been adjusted to create a more natural-looking picture. The audio has been remastered from cd source and the songs resequenced into their original order. This is really a great concert, due largely to the fact that The Beatles can not only hear themselves but sense that the audience is actually listening too.

Returning to the UK they made their fourth and final Big Night Out/Blackpool Night Out appearance on August 1st. Happily, as on the previous occasion, they decided to perform live rather than mime and even more happily a film recorder was running during the live broadcast, preserving this marvellous performance for posterity. Both audio and video have been reconstructed here from several sources to provide uninterrupted high quality. The exact song line-up was duplicated for the Ed Sullivan Show when The Beatles embarked on their US tour on August 14th – that appearance can be found in full on the commercially available dvd release and for that reason is not included here.

Rounding out this volume is John’s appearance on the final edition of Tonight from April 1965. Visibly uncomfortable at being separated from his fellow Beatles, he reads from his book and responds to some rare serious questions about his work.

The Beatles – Cathode Ray Collection Vol 06 DVD