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The Beatles – Let It Be TMOQ Gazette Vol. 23 DVD

Oferta! The Beatles – Let It Be TMOQ Gazette Vol. 23 DVD

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The Beatles – Let It Be (TMOQ Gazette vol. 23)
The stereo clips that appeared last year on Revolver TV appear to be slightly stretched vertically and squeezed horizontally. The NTSC version released by HMC is a different transfer of an identical copy, but has not been distorted like the Revolver version was. The version on this DVD (as was also the case with the Revolver TV online clips) is in the 4:3 aspect ratio, which makes it plausible that this copy stems from a video tape which was readied for release by VCI in the UK back in 1997 – but withdrawn. On an old 4:3 TV, the image will fill the whole screen, whereas on a modern 16:9 TV there will be black bars on the sides, but not on the top/bottom. The picture quality of the HMC version seems better than all previous versions, similar to the watermarked Revolver TV clips.
The overall impression of this presentation is that it’s quite good looking and sounding. It doesn’t look like any real picture restoration has taken place per se, the artifacts typically present on older celluloid still there, but no missing cells. The imperfections are most noticeable at the very beginning of the first film reel. I imagine, in spite of the evidence on The Long And Winding Road on “Beatles 1” that later restorations in the digital realm must have cleaned up these. Great stereo on everything from For You Blue onwards and good picture quality. It may have been taken from a VHS (or Beta) copy though, because the image is a little bit blurry. The end credits are missing, we are left with the still as the Beatles are leaving the roof, no titles superimposed on the picture. You may recall that Revolver TV’s version of the rooftop footage included end credits about the 1992 restoration.
As mentioned, from For You Blue onwards, the new HMC version is in full stereo, which includes:
– For You Blue
– You Really Got A Hold On Me
– Shake Rattle And Roll
– Kansas City/Miss Ann/Lawdy miss Clawdy
– Dig It
– January 31st Apple Studio tracks
– January 30th Roof top tracks



The Beatles – Let It Be TMOQ Gazette Vol. 23 DVD