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The Beatles – Live In San Francisco 1966 DVD

Oferta! The Beatles – Live In San Francisco 1966 DVD

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The Beatles Live In San Francisco takes all of the rare footage from that day, including what has become the color “Zapruder of Beatles film,”  and weaves a totally entertaining recreation of the event that changed the course of Beatles history.

 their plane arrive at San Francisco International Airport and taxi to an unused area in the terminal. Still a few girls were there who had inside knowledge.  Perhaps the kids of newsmen?
By the time they reached Candlestick Park, they were a bit late.  The gates were locked, and the bus had to circle  around the stadium until they were told that the gate had been opened. A caravan of fans in cars followed.  They finally arrived to the familiar sound of hundreds of high-pitched screams.
The bus carrying The Beatles and members of the other bands who played that day, (The Remains, The Cyrkle, The Ronettes [without Ronnie Spector], and Bobby Hebb.) Rolled into the stadium with concrete serving as an effective barrier between the fans and The Fabs.

The kids at Candlestick Park were never allowed to be near the Beatles at any time.  The bus came through sealed, and The Beatles emerged from the area of the San Francisco Giants dugout and quickly walked to the stage.  There wasn’t time to even think of getting near a Beatle. By the time they had reached the stage people realized what was happening.
 And the show quickly began.

A Cage Full of Beatles

On the way to the stage John Lennon was seen taking photographs, as was Paul McCartney.  George Harrison was seen with a camera taking photos when entering Candlestick, and Ringo also brought his camera.  It was no secret to insiders that The Beatles indeed considered this a special day, and they wanted to in some way record their own memories of it.
They quickly entered the awaiting cage climbing the stairs which led almost directly to the Loomis armored car.  The bulletproof car was always there awaiting.
They played 11 numbers.  The brief setlist included: Rock and Roll Music, She’s a Woman, If  I Needed Someone, Day Tripper, Baby’s in Black, I Feel Fine, Yesterday, I Wanna Be Your Man, Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer and Long Tall Sally.

The End of an Era

A common urban legend has it that John Lennon was heard playing the opening chords of “In my life.” After the end of the last song. While our footage shows that this would have been impossible, as Lennon had already unplugged his guitar, George Harrison can be seen with his guitar in playing position, still on stage as Paul is giving a closing word to the audience.
If “In My Life” was indeed  played it was obviously  done by George, and a thoughtful tribute at that and an announcement in musical terms that their role as a stage act had ended. Done by George disguised in quite simple terms, though nobody was listening to what he was saying at the time. In George Harrison’s humor, this was similar to placing a laugh track at the end of their next album’s song, “Within You Without You,” a deeper statement perhaps without apparent meaning at the time which takes on a new significance with age.
They all got into the Armored car and the car proceeded to the third base line. From there they drove out of the stadium and directly to the airport.
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The Beatles – Live In San Francisco DVD