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The Beatles – The Eye Of The Hurricane – American Tour 2xDVDs

Oferta! The Beatles – The Eye Of The Hurricane – American Tour 2xDVDs


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The Beatles – The Eye Of The Hurricane – American Tour 1964 (2 DVD)
Thanks To st1958
TheBeatles –  The Eye Of The Hurricane – American Tour 1964
01. 18/08/1964 – Los Angeles. Hollywood Star newsreel of Airport scenes, plus press conference.
02. 19/08/1964 – San Francisco. Airport scenes. (That night they will play to 17,130 fans at the Cow Palace, San Francisco).
03. 20/08/1964 – Las Vegas. Airport scene, then Las Vegas Convention Centre. One live segment but the performance is almost inaudible. Further Airport scene. (That day, two performances were given, each to 8,000 fans).
04. 21/08/1964 – Seattle. Airport scene, plus press conference. Some general footage with “Long Tall Sally” over it. (That night The Beatles performed to 14,720 at the Seattle Center Coliseum).
05. 22/08/1964 – Vancouver. Airport scene, plus press conference. General crowd footage. (That night The Beatles played to 20,261 people at the Empire Stadium, Vancouver)
06. 23/08/1964 – Hollywood. Airport scene, press conference footage with no sound (some in Colour). Fans interviewed before the Hollywood Bowl concert. 18,700 people filled the Hollywood Bowl, sold out four months earlier, for their concert which was recorded for posterity by a team of engineers representing Capitol Records.
Hollywood Bowl Concert Footage (excellent sound quality)
07. Introduction (includes classic line, “Here they are – The Beatles !”)
08. Twist And Shout
09. You Can’t Do That
10. All My Loving
11. She Loves You
12. Things We Said Today
13. Roll Over Beethoven
14. Boys
15. A Hard Day’s Night
16. Long Tall Sally
The group are seen leaving the stage, then some final crowd scenes.
17. 24/08/1964 – Bel Air. Beatlemania news report, excellent interview with Derek Taylor at their rented house at 356 St. Pierre Road, in Brown Canyon, Bel Air.
18. 26/08/1964 – Denver. Airport scenes (some in colour) with “Slow Down” soundtrack. Press conference.
19. 26/08/1964 – Denver (contd. from above).
Concert footage (short clips, none are complete)
* Twist And Shout
* You Can’t Do That
* All My Loving
* Things We Said Today
* Roll Over Beethoven
(The Beatles played to 7,000 people at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver)
20. 27/08/1964 – Cincinnati. Airport scenes (She Love You soundtrack), plus brief concert footage (The Beatles played to 17,000 people at Cincinnati Gardens.). The footage is followed by a remarkable statement by a court representative about 14,000 hysterical children in the audience.
21. 28/08/1964-29/08/1964 – Forest Hills, New York. Press conference.
22. 28/08/1964-29/08/1964 – Forest Hills, New York (contd. from above). Press conference, includes discussing threats to public safety. (The Forest Hills Tennis Stadium held 15,983 people. Every seat was sold, plus more were added).
23. 28/08/1964-29/08/1964 – Forest Hills, New York (contd. from above). Press conference, the girl who stole Ringo’s St.Christopher, Angie McGowan, returned it and posed for photographs while first Ringo, then Paul, kissed her on the cheek.
24. 30/08/1964 – Atlantic City. A BBC reporter (Peter Snow ?) happens to be in The Beatles hotel, complains, then interviews the lads. The Beatles stayed at the Lafayette Motel in Atlantic City. (That night they played to 19,000 fans at the Convention Hall, Atlantic City).
25. 02/09/1964 – Philadelphia. Scenes outside the Convention Hall, Philadelphia, with a soundtrack of a short interview with John.
26. Scenes of a press conference, but the soundtrack is a radio interview.
Convention Hall, Philadelphia – Concert Footage
27. M.C. Introduction and crowd scenes
28. Twist And Shout
29. You Can’t Do That
30. All My Loving
31. She Loves You – followed by crowd scenes and chanting
01. 03/09/1964 – Indianapolis. Scenes at Weir Cook Municipal Airport with newsreel voiceover. Scenes around the Speedway Motel.
12,413 people filled the State Fair Coliseum for the afternoon show (The Beatles stepped on stage at 6:21 p.m.) of which some footage follows:
State Fair Coliseum, Indianapolis – Concert Footage
02. Concert Introduction and tuning
03. Twist And Shout
04. You Can’t Do That
05. All My Loving
06. She Loves You
07. Things We Said Today
08. Can’t Buy Me Love
09. If I Fell
10. I Want To Hold Your Hand
11. Boys … followed by film of The Beatles leaving the stage
Some crowd shots are the same as in the Philadelphia – Concert Footage above on disc one! And some are repeated during this footage!
12. 03/09/1964 – Indianapolis. Press conference after the afternoon show, plus motel footage and newsreel voiceover. Also scenes at the airport. When The Beatles boarded their chartered plane at Weir Cook Municipal Airport, they were $85,231.93 richer. ($1,719.02 had already been deducted for state gross income tax).
13. 05/09/1964 – Chicago. Airport footage (rarely used Midway Airport) – soundtrack is radio interview discussing security issues.
14. 05/09/1964 – Chicago (colour 16mm film !). Crowd and concert footage from the International Amphitheater, Chicago, … but the dubbed soundtrack is taped interview.
15. 07/09/1964 – Toronto. News report with crowd scenes, and interviews with fans. Hysteria at the King Edward Sheraton Hotel. Press conference from between the two sets they did that day which included some presentations, then a filmed interview.
16. 07/09/1964 – Toronto. Concert footage of She Loves You – but it’s very poor sound. Then more fan footage and scenes at the airport leaving Toronto.
17. 11/09/1964 – Jacksonville. Press conference at their hotel, The George Washington. Interviewing The Beatles was Jean Morris. Although 30,000 tickets had been sold, only 23,000 showed up. Around 7,000 out-of-town fans who bought tickets were unable to see the concerts because Hurricane Dora had destroyed roads and bridges.
18. 12/09/1964 – Boston. Press conference
19. 13/09/1964 – Baltimore. Airport scenes. with Ringo interviewed at the aeroplane. Then footage of fans being interviewed.
20. 15/09/1964 – Cleveland. WHK Press conference at the Sheraton-Cleveland Hotel.
21. 15/09/1964 – Cleveland. An interview with Brian Epstein.
22. 16/09/1964 – New Orleans. Crowd scenes and some concert footage from City Park Stadium, New Orleans, The soundtrack is a radio interview.
23. 17/09/1964 – Kansas City (colour 8mm film !). Concert footage from the Municipal Stadium, Kansas City with dubbed soundtrack of The Beatles playing “Kansas City”. 20,280 saw this concert which was actually an extra unscheduled booking.
24. 18/09/1964 – Dallas. Airport and fan footage with soundtrack from KLIF radio.
25. 18/09/1964 – Dallas. Press conference.
26. 20/09/1964-21/09/1964 – New York City. Crowd scenes with a dubbed soundtrack of a radio interview segment. The brief footage includes shots of Paramount Theater, Broadway where The Beatles took part in a charity concert for cerebral palsy.
27. 20/09/1964-21/09/1964 – New York City. An outdoor early morning interview, plus airport footage.
28. 21/09/1964 – London, Heathrow. Airport footage with a dubbed soundtrack of “Slow Down”. Brian Matthews can also be heard.
Bonus Tracks at Granada TV Centre, Manchester 14/10/1964
These are listed as two tracks – “Dress Rehearsal” and “Broadcast Version” … but …
29. I Should Have Known Better. Brief section of the song fading with John clowning around. Full take as seen from above – from the control room, past the monitors.

Video: NTSC/4:3
Audio: MPG/224 Kbps/2 Ch

The Beatles – The Eye Of The Hurricane – American Tour 2xDVDs